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Asking Questions

Before posting a question, please check to see if it has already been asked. Try searching the site. If it already was, up vote the question to say that you like it. If it wasn't already answered, your up vote might bring more attention to it.

Please keep your questions related to vegetarianism, veganism, and raw food.

Answering questions

Answers should have an actual answer to the question. If you are just commenting or discussing, please post a comment to the question instead.

Let's also avoid arguments!


You can post comments to questions as well as answers. This is meant for discussions or simply stating that you like the answer.


When you like a question or answer, you can up vote it. The higher votes a question or answer has, the easier it is to find. Up voting also give the poster reputation points as a reward for asking a good question or posting a good answer.

Accepting an answer

You can choose to accept one answer to your own questions. You should typically do this for the answer that best answers your question. This marks your question as answered and also rewards the person who answered it. This answer will also be displayed on top of the answers list.

Bookmarking a question

You can mark a question as a favorite in order to find that question again.

Tagging questions

When you ask a question you have to tag it with at least one tag. Tags are meant to group questions together. For example, if you question has to do with restaurants in Vancouver BC, you should tag it with 'restaurant' and 'vancouver-bc'.


In order to improve this site, we need your feedback. Please let us know what you think and what features you would like added.

More help

You can get more details by going to the FAQ page.