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I'm trying to find out information about what vegans look for when dining at a vegan friendly restaurant. What are the do's and don'ts from food, to services, to ambiance and anything else that pops into your head?

asked Dec 31 '10 at 07:23

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I think the most important thing is knowledge. I just don't feel comfortable eating at restaurants where I have to explain what vegan is and even worse when they ask questions like "Is egg ok then?" (or any variant on that question). So as long as they completely understand vegan, it's ok.

Beyond that, how easy it is to find vegan options. So restaurants that have a little V (or dot or something) on their menu next to any item that is vegan. This is very convenient. It also makes me feel like they cared about our business, so I care more to give them my business.

I don't like it when restaurants know that you are vegan and they bring a non-vegan item (dip is the most common) in a separate bowl and say "its on the side so you don't have to eat it". This would be ok for those who are vegan for health, but if you are vegan for the animals or the environment, this is quite annoying.

Other than the first 2 things I mentioned, I think the rest is personal preference and you will get all sorts of different answers. From my group of vegan friends, we are all willing to eat pretty much anywhere that follows the first 2 points (knowledge and convenience). We tend to eat at the ones with bad service less often.

In Vancouver, the 3 most popular veg restaurants serve alcohol, are open later, and have more of a trendy feel. So if you are looking for this info because you want to start your own restaurant, you might want to learn from them.

answered Dec 31 '10 at 12:56

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