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I love smart phones but the huge number of apps can make me confused. What are the best apps and why? Would love to hear about easily searchable or available no data or most accurate from people?

asked Oct 30 '10 at 23:47

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Are you talking about apps for finding restaurants? Or just anything related to vegan food?

(Oct 31 '10 at 00:06) martin ♦

For the most part I am just looking for apps that identify ingredients or products as vegan to help me shop and eat out.

(Oct 31 '10 at 00:21) Bkjamin


  • iVegan: has ingredients, alcohol, animal testing and more
  • Animal-Free: lists animal ingredient names
  • Cruelty-Free: lists a variety of products (make up, cleaning, etc...)
  • VegWeb: access the vegweb recipes from your phone (very nice interface)


All the apps I mentioned are free and do not require data except the VegWeb app. That one needs internet and costs $2.99

There are probably lots more. I haven't looked in a while.


  • Animal-Free: lists animal ingredients and some ingredients that are "always" safe
  • VegeTipple: search for your specific alcohol to find out if it is vegan. Very detailed list. Works offline.
  • What Additives: list of additives and whether they are vegan and some other information
  • Cruelty Free: brands that are cruelty free (no animal ingredients or testing)
  • Choose Cruelty Free: another apps listing cruelty free brands
  • Veg Check: With this app you can scan a barcode and it will tell you if the item is vegetarian, vegan or not. Link no longer works.

There are also lots of recipe apps for both android and iphone as well as apps for specific cities and books.

answered Oct 31 '10 at 00:52

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martin ♦

edited Sep 06 '12 at 09:50

It's not an app, but this vegan website has a mobile version which works quite well on those little screens: m.Make-the-Switch.com

answered Oct 31 '10 at 18:55

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