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So I read that Lindsay Lohan is ‘Seriously Considering' PETA's offer to pay $10K if she goes vegan and another $10K if she kept it up for a full year.

Is this a good publicity stunt?

If Lindsay declines then I would say it was good cause they got free advertising but if she takes it, then well is it worth that much to get someone to go vegan?

asked Nov 04 '10 at 00:55

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edited Nov 04 '10 at 00:55

I think Peta hopes that Lindsay's fans might follow along when they find out she is vegan. However, if they know that she is only doing it because she is being paid to do it, then it just won't seem as important or worth mimicking.

They might also hope that by the end of the year she will like it and stay vegan. After all, she will surely feel healthier and her taste buds will probably have changed.

I can imagine a lot of Peta's donators might be upset by this. They will surely not like the idea of their donations being handed over to a celebrity. I guess it will really come down to whether Peta could save more than the ~100 lives that this will save with that $20,000 using some other method.

answered Nov 04 '10 at 09:46

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No bad idea. Someone should make a decision for a reason that will be easy to back up when they get a food craving or when they are pressured by being around certain groups. A decision based on a small amount of money is easily forgotten. With that in mind, I think PETA is short sighted in trying to back this horse. Especially considering Angelina's recent reversal.

answered Nov 04 '10 at 09:18

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