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I stay away from honey for the bees' rights. However, when discussing with various people, they always ask for other reasons. Does anyone have some good reasons aside from the animal rights reason?

Is it worst for our health than vegan alternatives?

Is it bad for the environment (I would think that it is, but would like some studies/references)?

asked Nov 02 '10 at 18:01

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Here's a show on how Bees are mysteriously leaving hive farms and dieing.


This documentary is not vegan but it shows how much we really do need bees in the world for pollination. I think we should stop using bees and interfering with the way they live their lives. Our interferance is obviously having negative affects on the bees.

Also, Honey is highly refined by bees and has more calories then white sugar. Honey is assimilated directly into the bloodstream very quickly and spikes blood sugar levels(Honeys Glycemic Index is 83).

The best alternative to honey is Agave Nectar which has a glycemic index of 9-12.

answered Nov 03 '10 at 00:41

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There's a lot of things that are technically vegan that are also bad for our health and the environment. True veganism is about animals, and the end of exploitation - pretty simple in my eyes. I don't like to get into the honey argument because it can make us look extreme/crazy and gives people another reason to discount veganism. I think it's more helpful to the cause to just point out that bees are definitely not plants and that honey is easy to avoid; there's plenty of other healthful & tasty alternatives.

answered Nov 03 '10 at 00:17

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I agree Alissa. But if you do find yourself in a comfortable situation to discuss, I think the point that bees are in decline and we are most likely to blame is important. Considering honey is easy to avoid like you said.

(Nov 03 '10 at 00:51) CaringCook
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