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I enjoyed the china study a lot. However I am always compelled to read the counter argument and I found several as well as some scandals over the author. For those who have looked at both sides where have you fallen on the scale?

asked Oct 31 '10 at 00:09

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It's been so long since I've read the book and the counter-arguments. The most recent debate on the book that I've seen was actually on Larry King.

I think there are a few key points in this whole debate:

  1. The author, T. Colin Campbell, made it clear throughout the book that he wasn't "searching" for the results he found. He went into it with the same training as his colleagues. If anything, he would have been "searching" for the opposite result considering he came from an animal farming family.

  2. The "doctors" that are arguing the case, are really just defending their "nutritionally-void" education. I would think it's quite normal to debate, argue and defend what you learned in school. It must be scary to think that what your university taught you was wrong.

  3. A lot of the people trying to attack his reputation are probably being paid to do so by the very industries in question.

  4. One only needs to look at the motivation of both sides to see who is more likely to be lying. On the first side, their is no selfish motivation; he is just trying to improve people's health. On the other side, there is big business that is legally required to do almost anything to increase profits for their shareholders.

  5. The last thing which you just can't argue with is the current health status of people who follow the standard american diet vs people who eat the way this book recommends.

answered Nov 25 '10 at 00:28

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